Pixel Tactics

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I want to love this game, but I'm finding it hard to get into. I certainly love the IDEA of it (and I'm enjoying making my own cards), but I need to find a regular partner to get the most out of this one, I think. Started tracking games late. Add about 5 to the number of plays.


A splendid game of timing and special powers. The leaders offer tremendous variety. That said, I wonder if the same characters get used too often in the same way... I'm eager for more plays.


0.75 xx


As much as I wanted to love this, theres just way too much information overhead for my tastes.


Need to play again, but not sure it adds anything above and beyond mtg.


Quick card game of combining the various possible abilities on hero cards to defeat your opponent's leader. Each card has one ability (if used as your leader), and four other possibilities to be used during the game, based on position and timing. The abilities and orders are almost all highly thematic and combining them is a thought-provoking exercise. Played a couple of times, and never looked at it again. Something about it doesn't grab me. I'll have to think about why.