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Traded away to make room for other/better games.


After one play it felt like getting the "soccer balls" was the only way to win. It's possibly worth another play or two..


I think Prosperity might actually be a fun game, it's just hideously ugly and has some of the worst graphic design I've seen in years. I had to keep checking the date because even though it came out it 2013 it looks so much like games from the early 2000's and even then it manages to have garish colors and unintuitive layout issues. The theme is not really relevant to the game but I think with a retheme and a redesign this game might be able to find a broader audience than just clearance table scavengers like me.


I was a bit disappointed, but that's merely a function of my excessively high expectations. A very good Knizia design, but not much of a gamer's game. The tempo of the various scoring elements is interesting, but perhaps too chaotic with more players. Board optimization coupled with limited actions is a fun little juggling act.


This is a great concept by a great designer, but unfortunately it fell flat for me. The game wasn't really thematic enough for me. The whole game just felt like a point optimization exercise, with no real immersion into the concept at all. It's too bad too, I love the idea, and the execution seems great on the surface.