Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game

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Pros:+ Interesting mechanics+ Quite thematic+ ChallengingCons:- Abysmal artwork- Lacks mechanics to frequently cull your deck- Uninteresting Card Effects- Incredibly Fiddly- The deck building progression is set at a snail's pace- The deck building does't Interact well with the mechanics- The deck building doesn't often allow for succefull team strategy or co-ordination


Weight: 2.71 / 5Includes lime green sleeves


I don't even like the Alien franchise but this game really grabs me. One of the most immersive games I've played.


Very thematic and fun, based on the movies. The "Legendary" system is very easy to pick up. Set up time is disappointing.


Classic cooperative deckbuilding that really requires more than one player. Thematically, you're brought into the world of Alien very well. Strategically, the game forces you to act cooperatively and communicate with your players, which really adds to the "we're all in this to win, or we're all screwed" vibe that the movies emulate. Not my favorite deckbuilder, but a very solid game, and one I will never pass up to play if someone asks.


Theme theme theme, it's dripping with it. Good components, the mat is amazing, and the game mechanics just thrust you into exciting cooperative and thrilling game play. A must have. (edit to add)I have to say, the more we play this, the more enjoyable it is for me. Yes it is fun, but it is actually exciting and stressful. The solid mechanics really let the theme saturate the game experience. We especially love the times that we are certain that we are about to fail, and we manage to eek out a miraculous victory.


Great deckbuilder! The only game I've ever played every mission of, one right after the other. Every game was a nail-biter. Very thematic. Waiting for that chestburster to show up in your hand has got to be one of boardgaming's most agonizing ordeals!


It is vastly more thematic than I thought it would be, which admittedly isn't saying much--an army of grunts, specialists, and the crew of the Nostromo killing a bunch of aliens isn't exactly consonant with the film. Arguably the game makes no sense except for Aliens, but whatever. It's vastly too easy solitaire, so I'd be interested in seeing it with more.


I really like this game. It's a co-op so the wife isn't crazy about it. But as far as co-ops go, it's definitely one that she would choose over most others I think. I really love it for the thematic feeling to play solo.


Blows away the Marvel version.


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The game system was really good, but it was hard to get past the graphic artwork sometimes.


Doesn't improve on what makes the Marvel version unappealing to me, but adds the Alien mechanic, which is fun and adds suspense.


After first play, this is a solid 7. We died horribly - which was great !


Bought this for solo, but now we only play at 2+ players because it is more fun. + Feels like Star Realms with a story line and objectives. - There are some great variants in the box, using hidden (traitor) roles, an Alien deck that can be played when someone is devoured, but these do not seem to work or make it too hard for 2 players. I feel it needs some good variant to enjoy these added resources.


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Amazing game, strong theme and decisions matter. Tough to win, but awesome gameplay.


by Mr_O

If we balance the alien deck to be playable, i think it is one of the best gamer ever.