Battles of Westeros

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Originally rated 8. In my original impression I really liked some of the mechanisms and how they tied to the theme. I blamed the fiddly feeling on the group I played with. Playing again after a few years and after having played a lot of Battlelore Second Edition has me concluding that the fiddliness is an unfortunate part of the game. Sadly the card art is incredible. I will miss that.


An interesting variant on the "Battlelore/Memoir/C&C" schtick. It's certainly not bad, but I'm not sure if that franchise isn't being stretched too thin at this point. More time at the table will be needed for this one.


Great game. Love it. Not a 10 because: Looong setup, lots of fiddly bits, and the theme seems a bit tacked on.


A heavier medieval Memoir. I really like FF's version of the C&C system here. Looking forward to expansions.


Awesome game. Fixes all the downsides (IMO) of the battlelore/C&C system.