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I'm still unsure how many people I think this plays best with but I do enjoy it a lot. Harbour-master is important, especially as you can't buy more shares without being the harbour-master and shares should be at least 3/4 of your points at the end. Some people do seem to be lucky with their rolls and so where you place can depend on who is rolling that round.


Best: 4 Time: 60 Min Weight: 2.03


hay que comprar acciones al principio, el capitán elige 3 barcos , hay piratas y hay que predecir que barcos llegaran.


Very fun game! There's always time for dice and it makes it go very well. I find that I tend to get less excited at the end than at the beginning. I think that it is perhaps a round or two too long. Oh and I never win! 2008-05-14 - Rating 7.25 -> 6.5; This is fun but only for a few rounds and then it gets too repetitive. 2008-08-16 - I like it better when it can be played within 45 min; It's an ok game but I am not that good at betting games. 2016-08-15 - Bought BoardGameBliss 2016-08-29 - Rating 6.5 -> 7.5; playing with family makes it more fun. This edition, with the cardboard punts and cardboard money are much worse than the beautiful and lavish plastic punts and coins that came with the earlier edition. Playing with poker chips makes dealing with money easier and allows for faster gameplay.