Raiders of the North Sea

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Worker placement




Pretty solid worker placement game, Even has a theme (kind of). I won (which helps) but visually isn't all that appealing, though I would play again.


Expansions [thing=210164][/thing]


Very much enjoyed the different take on worker placement. Also the art and theme are perfect for me.


Includes Fields of Fame & Hall of Heroes expansions, as well as the Solo Variant (SHEMBOT)


Put-down and pick-up worker placement mechanism is interesting. Game lacks tension. Feels simultaneously too open and too narrow, lacking the tightness of some games but also lacking the openness and variety of other games. The cards also lacked variety, adding to the feeling of "sameness" and homogenizing player engines. All-around very average game with nothing majorly wrong but also nothing particularly great.


Fantastic points salad with some unique (albeit minor) player interaction. Each strategy seems equally viable!


My wife and I love this game. End of story. It's our first worker placement game and it's one that's got us loving that mechanic. It's easy to play, easy to teach and engaging the whole way through. Then comes the art and the metal coins. Just classy all around. My only complaint is that with two players it's possible for one player to run away with it if they get a strong enough crew and the right workers to get the big points. It's really hard then for the other player to catch up. If that's your situation, I might recommend the Hall of Heroes expansion to help balance things out a bit.


Raiders failed to deliver on its Kenner- nomination. The game is incredibly narrow, and players all seem to do the same things, which makes the game feel like its on rails. Gather money, plunder, and provisions, then hire warriors, and finally pillage, rinse and repeat. Since every player is performing these exact tasks to achieve exactly the same goals, the game fails to create stakes. Each action reaps the same reward for all players for the entirety of the game so the game gets stuck in the rising actions and fails to reach any sort of climax. The place and pick up nature of the workers is interesting on paper, but Raiders fails to implement it in an intriguing way.


(10/17) 7. Such a great, well designed game. Very much deserving of all the hype. That said, feels just the tiniest bit static to me, but still so elegant and simple.