Looterz: Rigor Mortis


The Dark Overlord Rigor Mortis and his servants have left the Tower of Dark Sorcery on an important mission. Before leaving, the overlord entrusted the tower to his business partner, the warrior Romolo. The latter is not the most brilliant guy, but he’s a willing hard-worker for sure. Romolo (and other creations and experiments of the sorcerer) is tasked to protect Rigor’s
precious treasure, which is accidentally getting smaller and smaller every time he leaves for a few hours. What’s happening to the treasure of Rigor Mortis? Is there really anyone fool enough to steal from the Dark Overlord?

Looterz is a fast and simple card game with amazing illustrations of Riccardo Crosa. The game is set in the fantastic universe of the Dark Overlord Rigor Mortis. Use your deck of cards to unleash devastating combos and loot the treasure of Rigor Mortis, while hindering the efforts of your opponents.

Who will steal the treasure of Rigor Mortis before the activation of his lazy magic alarms inside the Tower? Who will escape with the loot and leave all opponents at the mercy of His Dark Majesty?


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