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I love siting down to a chessboard. It's nearly like walking into an empty racquetball court before a match. It's the feeling that, starting now, nothing else is important, nothing else exists. The universe becomes a white, well-lit box. I think to play good chess (not that I do), the board must become the world.


Respectable abstract, but it just bores me. I can't seem to put forth the effort needed to do well at this game. zzzzzzzzz.


by dcoe

Very derivative abstract game. Hive did it better and did it first.


I've always liked this game. It has so much depth and requires a lot of planning ahead and it's great when that works out Even my 7-year old loves to play this.Donated to De Camp on 05-05-2019


the grand daddy of dry..It is actually a great game. Just not one Id often choose to play.


I mean it's chess, there is really not much to say.


I did not appreciate this one as much as I should when I was younger. Requires too much patience, I suppose.


A beautiful Onyx set I picked up in Mexico. I enjoy a good game of chess when paired with someone of equal skill.


It's Chess


well, obviously a great game given how long it has survived.


I was seven when I first played this against my father, and even with him handicapping himself by playing without a queen or other pieces I never managed to beat him. Until we had shifted houses, I was nine, and he didn't remove any of his pieces. That was one of the most satisfying events of my then short life.


It's chess. I wish I was better at it.


Great game. Probably the game that kept me interested in games as a mid-school aged boy. From here I moved to Avalon Hill, RPG, MtG, and Euros. I'm not a good chess player, but have fond memories of past Chess games.


I just hate chess. It makes me feel dumb, my whole family is good at it. My youngest sister has beaten me at it since she was 6. I was 22.


Classic game


I have never really enjoyed playing chess. It is too abstract and cerebral for my taste.


I never got into it so it's not much fun since my opponents are usually way too good.


Insanely stylish and a justified classic, but I can't devote the time to it that I used to, and you're invariably facing someone either too weak or vastly better than you.


Unless the players are evenly matched, Chess always seems like too high of a strategic learning curve to to just jump into.  Or maybe it's mostly that I've always preferred shorter term tactical decisions as opposed to games where I have to constantly be looking as far ahead as possible. There are definitely far better abstracts than this out there.


Won't review this - that would be the definition of unncessary.


I played competitively in middle school, but quit once most people started to memorize openings and play for money. I will still play against friends and have meant to look into variants that are less prone to memorizing optimal plays.


I'm not a Chess fanatic. I enjoy the game, I know how the pieces move and the general tactics and strategy in the game. I do not know the names for the beginning sequences or anything like that. In fact, I really dislike that aspect of chess - that's it's so well known and has been played so much that you're just acting out a script, until someone deviates from it. You're playing out the same games other people have, over and over again. I'd rather play Go or Navia Dratp, but Chess enjoys widespread popularity and I still enjoy playing ... against people who regard it as a game!


It's more the people that play it than the game itself I'm rating


2, 60m


classic game


It's not a bad game though I won't play.


I may be a wienie but I need more theme!!!


(+) Pieces with different movements, almost everyone knows how to play, good mixture of tactics and strategy, has a lot of depth to the gameplay (-) No theme, no variable setup, prone to AP


Teach Mathias Chess and Go at 5+ years old.


An abstract game that is plenty old. My biggest gripe with it is that experienced players will destroy new players which I think makes me less willing to play it if you're not playing with people at or near the same level as you.


I'm an amateur but always liked the thinking several moves ahead aspect of this game.