Die Macher

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Heavy Euro. Hard to believe this game was published in 1986. I imagine it will be considered a classic, as it is that good! Theme fits well with the mechanics. Drawback is the length and learning curve. Almost no downtime for any player--engaging throughout. So many strategies and ways to victory. Fun, exciting game!Unfortunately, it won't get played as often because of the barrier to introduce it based off of the theme and length.I have a niftly flip-book (printed off from a great file here on BGG) of the various phases which helps the game run along quite smoothly.


This game is excellent. There is not much that I'd rather play if you can get five together for the game, and have the time.


by paka

Oh, thats a very good game. Thinky. A lot of intertwining choices. Tactical and tight 'til the end. As a plus we got our 1st game done in 4 hours (after hearing stories of 6-7 hours sessions of it).


Holy living crap. Intense, intricate, and demanding--but so incredibly engaging that the time flies. Also has a surprising amount of fun factor, especially if you have any knowledge of German politics. Awesome game, but I wish that the polls weren't so powerful.


Only one game so far, and while I did poorly (less than half the final score of what the winner achieved) I do want to play again. A second game played and I still lost, but was behind the winner by only as many points as I'd been behind fourth in my first game. It is important to be involved in almost everything it seems, which can be frustrating for how you get to spread resources. It's not always wise to accept a coalition either, I basically gave an opponent points by agreeing to his offer in one of the elections. Would rate higher if not for the time required.


It amazes me that this game is almost 30 years old. It's still one of the best heavy euros around; thematic, deep, beautiful.


by 3MBG

Excellent game, but a little intimidating for my group


One of the best Multiplayer games I have played. I only have the 1st edition and the rule translations could use a little more clarity but other than that it's as good a 4 player game as anyone can want.


Very well designed Euro with the worst theme and components imaginable. The mechanics felt very disconnected from the theme to me. However, the fact that this game came out in 1986 is absolutely incredible.


2009-09-20 - I really like this game but it is hard to find players. But when it does come out, boy, is it ever something else! I've never been so enthralled for the whole 4 hours or so that it goes on. It is not a particularly hard game; it is very procedural. Highly recommended. 2006-09-11 - preordered; received soon after 2009-09-19 - Sold Fallcon 22


It's too long for what it is. I won't suggest it myself, but I won't turn it down if it's offered. It's really just a convention-only game, because of how hard it is to round up people for something this massive. But it's a good one.