The flooding was massive and pulled the fields of crops, the trees, and the houses into the sea - but already by the next day, the first shoots of plants began sprouting from the wet sand...

Being subject to the weather's mercy, you need to skillfully place grains, beets, and trees to establish the most productive fields. You have several possibilities for getting extra resources and increasing the value of these treasures by transforming them. Who will use the power of Aurimentic most wisely? And who will own most of the valuable crystals? Invest at the market and build farmhouses and twoers to secure your power. But, be careful! Everything that you have built up can be wiped out in one move, either by severe and destructive weather, or by your fellow players' urge to dominate!

To succeed at Aurimentic, one needs tactical skills, the ability to foresee your opponent's plans - and a bit of luck. The winner needs to be quicker, smarter, or cleverer than the others. Which strategy promises the most success?


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