Betrayal at House on the Hill

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Great for what it is...a game to chill out and drink a bottle or two of wine during and just have fun even if it doesn't always make sense. Rating dropped down a bit due to Mansions of Madness. I would never choose Betrayal over MoM.


I enjoyed it. Simple, thematic, and replayable.


I really enjoyed the cooperative exploring of the house and building of your character in the first half of the game, but then the second half of the game you consult a manual to play out a unique one vs all scenario. The rules for the scenarios aren't all clear and there is no real rhyme or reason to what happens so the game seems to stop for 15 minutes while everyone reads and learns the new rules. The art on the tiles is great, but the character trait clip is flimsy and doesn't line up well.


It's not exactly "fun" but the mechanical depth and the sheer enjoyment of a haunted house simulator cement this as one of my all time favorite board games.


by 3MBG

Can't take it too seriously or "play to win", but a solid fun game with a load of replay-ability.


1st edition--partially unpunched, perfect condition.


Jay has a copy


I really want to play this one some more.


Very hard to teach with new players as the person that became the bad guy didn't really understand the rules. Ruined the game experience.


Doesn't really feel like a game. I will play if that is the group consensus, but I think I have only had fun once.


Overall this haunted house romp is pretty fun, if a little underwhelming.  This definitely has its good points, but the simplicity and randomness of the system is a little limiting, and the scenarios are ridiculously swingy.


Although the haunts can be wonky this game always makes for a storied game night!


Quite possibly one of my favorite games. I bought this on a whim several years ago and I absolutely love when this hits the table.


Played once, so haven't experienced the randomness in terms of game length. Enjoyable. 2 more games under my belt and this is an ok game.


I think of this game as Scooby Doo adventure in a game. A group of friends enter an old hunted house and have a supernatural adventure. The fun is in the playing of the game, not in the wining or loosing.


I really enjoy this game. Especially with the right group of friends and players. It does require time & effort and is totally worth the investment.


One of the most thematic games that I have ever played. Each of the haunts tell a different story and the rules reinforce it. It is harder to play with new players due to a rule book with a lot of rarely used rules and because they have to learn a new haunt each game. The success of each team is very luck dependent. Despite all of its flaws, the stories it tells are worth it.


I understand the popularity of this title. It's easy to play, has a fun theme, and plays pretty quick. After a handful of plays though the lack of agency and powerfully unbalanced mechanics shift becomes clear. The variable time of the Haunt start is one of the games biggest issues. In most cases it will either be easy for the survivors to win or easy for the betrayer to win, and rarely will be a thoughtful or tense end game. There can be some fun emergent stories that come from this game, and the first time you see a few of the Haunts it's a good time, but not a game I'd be returning to very much. Maybe a 3rd edition of the game would do well by instituting a dozen or so pre-made scenarios instead of this A/B game state that can shift at an undetermined time that exists now.


Its a fun game, easy to pick up despite being complex (so long as someone in the party knows how to play) and usually different every time, but sometimes it can feel like you lose simply because of the person you are stuck with by the end of the game.


I've had hours of fun playing this game. This is a great introduction for anyone who is just getting into the world of story based board games. The beginning of the game can be a bit slow depending on the strategy you choose, but once you get into the main part of the game play it becomes fast paced and challenging. The need for team work and strategic planning, while maintaining secrecy from the "traitor" who is working against you makes this a great group game. With 50 differ possible story outcomes and expansions still being released this game has a very high replay value.


The initial crawl through the house gets repetitive, but the game is amazing once the haunt is revealed.


sleeved, swan


Swingy and ridiculous but I love this game. This is one I feel safe to share with new gamers.


Although there are 50 scenarios, the game feels repetitive before the haunt and you don't want to cooperate with the others because you fear they might turn against you. The multitude of cards a player can amass can slow down the game quite a lot. Would recommend it for horror games' enthusiasts looking for a relaxing, dice chucking game.


I've only played this game once. It was a very large group and we paired up with the characters if we needed to. This game really needs the right group otherwise it can be a bit dull. What I liked about the game was its immersion into the horror of cheap flick! Fantastic. And the insanity. Plus it is totally unbalanced which I am finding that I enjoy more and more.


So many bad things to say about this game.


A wonderful story with each play. It feels like an old title, and plays like an old title, especially with the fiddly character trait tracks, but definitely ratchets up after the betrayal takes place. Even if the play itself is rather ordinary, at least the stories it tells are good.


A really boring first two hours until the haunt happens and it gets to be pretty fun. Is it worth those first couple hours? Probably not, but I appreciate its design nonetheless.


Sure, it has it's flaws. But this game really can be a fun little jaunt into the realm of cheesy horror.


Xmas 2015 from the Nosbisch's


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Accounted For


The sometimes unbalanced game play isn't even an issue, we always have fun role-playing this one. I think this is the perfect alternative to a night of B-movies.


I don't think I've ever played a game of this where everyone didn't have a good time. Starts off with simple exploration, and then gets tense real fast. Sometimes the haunt scenarios seem a little slanted one way or the other depending on the number of players, but overall pretty well balanced. Also, every time I play with someone new, they're always the betrayer. Every. Single. Time.


(11/15) 6. (10/17) Drop to 5. I love the haunt mechanic and the fact that the game can change so drastically halfway through. That said, VERY fiddly and can be broken. Still, very clever.


In Germany


Crappy rules and haunts, but it is a fun game with the right group :)