Betrayal at House on the Hill

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The initia...

by elltrain

The initial crawl through the house gets repetitive, but the game is amazing once the haunt is revealed.


sleeved, s...

by saruichiban

sleeved, swan


Swingy and...

by jasondeutsch

Swingy and ridiculous but I love this game. This is one I feel safe to share with new gamers.


Although t...

by Ali Plays a Lot

Although there are 50 scenarios, the game feels repetitive before the haunt and you don't want to cooperate with the others because you fear they might turn against you. The multitude of cards a player can amass can slow down the game quite a lot. Would recommend it for horror games' enthusiasts looking for a relaxing, dice chucking game.


I've only ...

by usagi-san

I've only played this game once. It was a very large group and we paired up with the characters if we needed to. This game really needs the right group otherwise it can be a bit dull. What I liked about the game was its immersion into the horror of cheap flick! Fantastic. And the insanity. Plus it is totally unbalanced which I am finding that I enjoy more and more.


So many ba...

by ubRtstcl

So many bad things to say about this game.


A wonderfu...

by ekloff

A wonderful story with each play. It feels like an old title, and plays like an old title, especially with the fiddly character trait tracks, but definitely ratchets up after the betrayal takes place. Even if the play itself is rather ordinary, at least the stories it tells are good.


A really b...

by zxcvbn

A really boring first two hours until the haunt happens and it gets to be pretty fun. Is it worth those first couple hours? Probably not, but I appreciate its design nonetheless.


Sure, it h...

by GorditaCrunch93

Sure, it has it's flaws. But this game really can be a fun little jaunt into the realm of cheesy horror.


Xmas 2015 ...

by michaellasalle

Xmas 2015 from the Nosbisch's


Not a great game, but people seem to enjoy it

by adomescik

No Review Description


Accounted ...

by Irate

Accounted For


The someti...

by KimchiTurtle

The sometimes unbalanced game play isn't even an issue, we always have fun role-playing this one. I think this is the perfect alternative to a night of B-movies.


I don't th...

by Psylocke

I don't think I've ever played a game of this where everyone didn't have a good time. Starts off with simple exploration, and then gets tense real fast. Sometimes the haunt scenarios seem a little slanted one way or the other depending on the number of players, but overall pretty well balanced. Also, every time I play with someone new, they're always the betrayer. Every. Single. Time.


(11/15) 6....

by markbesada

(11/15) 6. (10/17) Drop to 5. I love the haunt mechanic and the fact that the game can change so drastically halfway through. That said, VERY fiddly and can be broken. Still, very clever.


In Germany...

by magicjavelin

In Germany


Crappy rul...

by Cooking_Meeple

Crappy rules and haunts, but it is a fun game with the right group :)