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Simple yet fun, good for younger kids, another classic


I've played hundreds of games growing up and currently play this game with my son (6), who also enjoys playing it. It's easy and doesn't take long so this game finds it's way to table regulary. Plays well with two, three of four. Although it's not the perfect game, we enjoy this enough to rate it a 7.


Surprisingly fun, considering I hate standard rummy. Trying to figure out how to rearrange melds on the table to maximum advantage can induce serious AP, though.


First when someone bring out this game, i thought meh ... i already playing mahjong rummy a lot of time especially during Chinese New Year festival,but once i heard the rule, ah-ha it's is quite different with some similar mechanism. Overall i enjoyed this more than the malaysia way mahjong rummy because rummikub is more strategy needed and the mahjong rummy style is more luck involved.


Apart from some games at the very end of 2004 and the two games I've logged here I don't remember ever playing this. I knew about it beforehand, and I picked the rules up quick but I don't think I ever played as a child.


Fun set collection game. I appreciate that it's something I can play with non-gamers.


This is a classic from my youth. It still provides a decent amount of fun with the right group.


We have played this one a few times back in the day and I still kind of like it. I may never play it again though.


Travel rummikub in the zippered nylon case.


Of the more classic games, this is probably my favourite. Offers great opportunity for fancy thinking and cool moves. Generally, the fewer players the better just so there is less downtime and fewer of those moments where that perfect move you figured out becomes unavailable.


My wife's number one game of all time. I think it's just okay.


A nice numbers based game with set collection. The biggest pitfall this has is the extreme AP this can induce with moving tiles around to make sets.


I used to play this with my brothers when we went to my Grandparents house when we were young and had great times - I still have great memories of it. Therefore I had to buy myself a copy - no plays at home yet.