Sleeping Queens

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Picked this up in a charity shop. It's OK, and better than a lot of kids games with standard playing cards. A few odd gotchas that could have done with icons added to the cards (Cat an Dog queen for example.)We play allowing more advanced maths now my kids are a little older.


My five year old girl loves this game. The different Queens and Kings are a constant source of laughter and smiles. The game is not deep, but she loves it and I enjoy playing it with her. -------------- We have not played this in some time. My daughter's fascination with the game has somewhat waned. I suggest other games first.


[Rated as a Kid's Game] My daughter's favorite game. I enjoy all of the games I play with my daughter, but this is one that hasn't grown old despite dozens and dozens of plays.


Great kids game


My 4 year old son loves to play this! He always wants the Cat and Dog queens for some reason. Alas, they can never be together.