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Blueprints board game


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Who will be the best architect? In the dice-building game Blueprints, players attempt to erect three different buildings by using blueprints. But, they must choose their dice wisely, because building is not all about respecting the plans, its about creating something that will surpass all others.

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  • I've been thinking about purchasing this game for a couple of years. I liked the architectural dice placement and think it might interest some of my kids.
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  • A neat gimmick, but it gets kinda old and samey. Not enough variety to keep me interested for long.
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I've actually played #Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar camping, but it isn't what I would usually take.

One of my wife's favorites is #Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age so that goes with us pretty much on every trip. It is a small box, so it works pretty well in a small space.

One I always bring due to size is #Monster City Planners which is a game that most people haven't heard of. It is around 40 cards, plays four players and is a great little card drafting game. You can play cards out of your hand to build or destroy structures on the map (one card) but every card you play means you can't score that card, because you can only score cards you don't play.

We also take #Blueprints with us almost every time. 

Depending on the wind, #Codenames could be a great little game to take. #Sagrada is also one of our favorites. #Silver & Gold will be going with us next time.


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