St. Petersburg

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Fun card drafting game. Seems very balanced and not too long for what it is. Would certainly enjoy more plays of this. I don't like the endgame as well as I do the rest of the game. More often than not, the last turn can screw you, if the cards you need don't come up, and you're left with all the cash, that is basically pointless (worth only a few measly VPs). Perhaps there is a way to hold cards in your hand just in case, but the penalty if you don't play them is just too severe to do this. It would be nice to see some varying strategies too. In every game, players focus on mainly Workers (Green) and later Aristocrats (Orange), while building very few Buildings (Blue).


2-4 players, 60 minutes, worker placementRating (7) based on 2 3-player games.Update: after two more games with 4 and another with 3 players, upgraded to an 8. Traded away to make room for the 2nd edition, which his better art work and also included a bunch of expansions.


i'm impressed at how different each play of this game seems to i cash up and save for big buildings? or buy the best i can early and have no money early in the game? and how do i make sure i have enough aristocrats at the end for final scoring?a good balance of victory paths.


by paka

If only the game looked better, it would end up in my shelf.


This one felt a little all over the place for me


Clever and potentially interesting. The endgame aristocrat scoring seems to be the deciding factor, though, which narrows available strategies. The tightness of your money seems challenging and interesting rather than frustrating, and that's always nice. I would prefer it if aristocrats weren't so powerful, and it would help if it were not ugly as sin. [EDIT] Yeah, the scoring is just too screwy.


good game with some good elements and descent level of strategy. like it a lot.


This is basically a card game, not a board game. Still, it's an excellent game that plays relatively quickly. I don't find it to be as much of a brain-burner as some other Euro-games, but I always enjoy a game of St. Pete.


I just don't get it...


With just one game played (not counting the 2-player at BSW) I like this, theme seems irrelevant leaving just what everything does to consider. Position around the table may have a big impact, but I expect the way the tokens rotate and the dual market will compensate for that. The biggest thing for new players will be the money shortage. How bad it is won't be apparent until at least partway through the game.


2nd Edition


2-4 players (best 4) 45-60 minutes


Drafting from an ever changing line of cards to build an economic/point-producing engine is really interesting, but other games scratch the itch better (including Through the Ages, Dominion, Le Havre, and Race for the Galaxy). Still a solid game, though. My review of St. Petersburg can be found here:


Interesting game. Build your economic engine and buy aristocrats. Fun enough. Played with the expansion to accomodate the 5th player.




Good game, I think its one I will enjoy more and more with each play.