The Great Snowball Battle


Everyone chooses a kid card (each has a special ability) and three pieces of gear.

​Separate, shuffle, and stack the locations cards, item cards, and snowball cards and place them in the middle. Everyone draws a location card and an item card, then draws 2 snowball cards.

You're ready to go! Whoever is at the location with the lowest cover number goes first. On your turn, you throw a snowball at another player, or clear out and draw a new location.​

Snowballs are numbered 1-8. When the total of the snowballs thrown at a player equal or exceed the location cover number, the player is hit (POW!) and loses a piece of gear. Lose all your gear and you're out of the game.

​When you're close to being hit, you'd better clear out. Discard the snowballs thrown at you, the location, and the item, and draw a new location and item.
​The snowball deck also contains Events and Quickshots. The Events change the game rules temporarily. The Quickshots are numbered 1-8, and can be thrown in response to snowballs to hit other players.


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