San Juan

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Unplayed French edition copy available for trade. Was a gift, my French is not good enough to play it.


Have only played 2 player. I enjoy it for 2. Occasional runaways, but usually close and hard-fought.


Pleasant enough, but I think it suffers badly in comparison to Puerto Rico (and atrociously compared to Race). The card draw can influence your success too much near the endgame. Still nice, though, and the lack of arduous setup certainly makes it appealing.


Enjoy this game, still waiting to play Puerto Rico to see which one I like better.


Race for the Galaxy in Puerto Rico. ;) While I learned and played "Race" first, I value this title in my collection as well. It's different enough and has similar "difficult decisions."


Interesting, but not my cup of tea, really.


Only 1 play, after having played Puerto Rico 7 times so I knew the basic theming. So far I'd rather play the full game instead of this, although I don't know why.


It's a fine game that I mostly play on my phone. I'd rather play Glory to Rome though.


Noticed that a lot of people say this is a nice 2 player game. Needs research.


February 2018 Free - Gift - Brent


Tablet app, not physical boardgame


Using the cards themselves as currency makes is a fantastic mechanism. A touch luck-driven. Highly tactical. Lots of fun. Plays very quickly with 2 players.


Fairly good, if overly simplistic. Plays quick, but does get somewhat repetitive. Does not have enough player interaction.


Only played in digital form. I liked the engine building, but the theme just meant it never made it to the table. Villages of Valeria has replaced it on my shelf.


Fun and fast paced game that puts the "cards in hand are also resources" mechanic to great use, but I feel like Race for the Galaxy is probably the better game.  On the other hand San Juan is the simpler, cleaner design.


Fun light game. Puerto Rico style action selection is always fun. And it feels satisfying to build up your city. Can be a little overlong, and a little shallow, but ultimately it's a light game i'm willing to play. Which says everything


Hand management


FULLY SLEEVED 110 x Mayday sleeve size: Euro - Blue: Standard (MDG-7028, 100/pack) - (59 x 92mm)


One of the best card games ever made. The role selection is deep, the possibilities for your tableau are incredibly varied, and yet the game remains approachable for new players. It's one of my absolute favorites and I'm happy to finally own this edition.



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The card engine building is a good idea, but the Euro wrapped around it is a bit boring. It inspired some much better games.


2-4 players (best 3) 45-60 minutes


It's like a version of Race for the Galaxy that I would actually want to teach a new player! Pretty fun, with some cool card combos.


I've played game upon game of JSanJuan, and I'm often able to come out on top in both 3 and 4 player games. Opportunistic, but basic strategy and wisdom still apply. Update 2/13/2009: I played this out a while ago. There are no longer interesting decisions in this game for me, as I "know what to do" in a given situation. I'd rather play something else. Downgraded to a 5.


No box.


2-4, 45m


It's among my go-to gateway games because it serves as a great bridge to Puerto Rico, and other role selection games like Mottainai and RftG. Far simpler than Race and the Puerto Rico-style role selection system maintains a semblance of player interaction for beginners that doesn't appear in Race until you get good at it. Ultimately, Race is the better, deeper game. Trade Condition Notes: New in shrink


Building efficient economic engines in far less than an hour; replaced by Race for the Galaxy


Not a bad game but not one that I will play any time soon. 2009-12-XX - Got in a trade around Xmas 2009 2010-06-06 - I lied. My wife likes it. Rating going from 6->7.5 2017-07-16 - Sold river market




Being a Puerto Rico zealot, I was surprised that I didn't hate this game. It does away with many of my favorite parts of its board game counterpart, but it breaks out of the mold enough to feel more like a card game in the Puerto Rico universe, rather than Puerto Rico: the Card Game. The various new buildings, and tweaked roles keep this game both familiar and distinct. I won't play much, but I won't renounce it either.


My preferred "gateway game". It gets a warm introduction among non-gamers, and I'd much rather play this than "Puerto Rico".


Fun little game, I think I would always rather play PR if I had the time.


(10/17) 6. This is a classic that I don't play enough. Really should bring it back out.