Assuming the roles of adventuresome 18th Century Dutch merchants, Seeland players strive to harvest the most crops, using windmills to take back land from the sea. During the game, players must make the best use of their crop seeds and building timber to accomplish their quest to become a respected merchant. This family-friendly game with easy-to-grasp instructions, features a double-sided game board for four different game options and is designed for 2-4 players ages 9 and up. Game play takes 45-60 minutes.

Players strive to harvest the most crops, using windmills to take back land from the sea.

A tactical game of land reclamation during the golden age of Dutch history.
Players take on the role of Dutch merchants and invest in land reclamation.

Guild merchants erect windmills and plant crops to support population growth.
Become the Most Famous Architect in the Land
Taking a page from Dutch history, Seeland challenges players to reclaim sea land and turn it into farmland suitable for cultivating crops to meet the growing population's need for more food. Over the course of the game, players purchase construction plans for windmills on Seeland's market and then erect them on the landscape to help drain the water so the fields can be planted. They also must buy crop seeds and create fields around the windmills and once completely surrounded, players proceed to the harvest and the yield is credited to the mill's owner.

Encourages Strategic Thinking and Focus
Players take on the role of wealthy Dutch merchants and invest in the land reclamation at the gates of the town. To make proper use of the seeds and building timber they have to proceed tactically onto the market without losing sight of the most fertile fields on the game board. A strategy game requiring mastery over intricate details, players must remember game components and terms outside their everyday experiences and develop real world solutions to problems of the period. Sequencing, processing and math skills are sharpened as players move about the game board acquiring and developing properties.

History-based Game Provides Relevant Messages
Seeland advances players' understanding of a significant historical period and introduces them to new concepts and terms, such as the Dutch currency, Guilder, and the stuiver (the medieval penny), the purpose and use of windmills, and the topic of land reclamation for the purpose of feeding a growing population.

What's In The Box?
2-sided game board, 28 mill tiles, 30 landscape tiles, 30 island tiles, 16 mills, 12 stuivers, and 1 set of instructions.

Double-sided game board for four different game options.

High-quality game content with wooden playing pieces and double-sided game board.

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Seeland Family Game (Discontinued by manufacturer)

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