Robinson Crusoe Adventures on the Cursed Island

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Just not a fun game.


One of the best co-ops out there. I love the fact that the dice rolling suppresses the alpha-player effect (if you have someone like that in your group). Very challenging but not unbeatable, which makes it so satisfying when you do succeed on the scenario.


on my self of shame. Has to bring a friend to carry me though rules the first game, we won!


Game is in Plano containers, scenarios sheets are laminated


While a very thematic mechanically sound game, there are times where randomness can quickly end whatever efforts you make to survive on the island. Very Unique, but not for those that aren't willing to leave some of their fate up to chance.


One of the better co-op games to come out this year (2013). With the various scenarios providing lots of replay ability. If you want a step-up from gateway co-op games and really like difficult, complex and thematic games then you get your money's worth from this. dice tower secret trait cards - despair, a secret from the past, useful findings, faith, ostensible strength, hope for escape, illness, insecurity, dizziness


1st edition. Great art but components feel like they were stolen from random 10 year old games. Gameplay is complex, if not fiddly. Some very very cool concepts like the negative events being shuffled back the event deck so they can occur later. Looking forward to more plays and raising this rating.


Great integration of a fun theme. Scenarios are really interesting and varied.


Initial Rating, will update after more experience.


Portal 4th edition


The richly-integrated adventure theme makes it feel like more than just a "system" you're trying to best, and the story is earned. Difficult and replayable, it's my a terrific solo game, but playing it with others leads the expected quarterbacking problem that haunts almost every co-op. I'm sure I'll play this out eventually, but for now, I'm enjoying the adventures.


This is a great game. Decently thematic, with vast variability between scenarios. Resource gathering is tedious and unintersting, but all other actions are quite exciting. Sometimes the onslaught of negative effects becomes oppressive, but luck mitigation is available. The lengthy setup and nuanced rules make me dread playing it at times, and like most cooperative games, this game is very prone to 'quarterbacking'. However, all said and done this is one of the best cooperative puzzles published to date. [Pro Tip: 'The Robinson Family' scenario is the best. All other scenarios feel tacked on in comparison.]


I love how this handles its random element: you never technically *have* to roll dice; but taking calculated risks can be very beneficial. I also love its storytelling element. Adding encounter cards to the event deck based on your choices is really brilliant. It's longer than what I typically like but it does a lot really well.


(+) Always tells a unique story, good at all player counts (and great solo), great components and art (4th edition), excellent theme, multiple scenarios, blend of theme and mechanics fits really well, lots and lots of replayability (-) A lot of fiddly rules that can intimidate new players, game is sometimes overly punishing where it can feel like a loss was unavoidable, bad insert, harder to get to the table than other games (+/-) Challenging but sometimes too much so


A very well themed and cooperative euro that really caught my SO's eye. It fits her criteria of games that she's into right now and it kind of has a lot to live up to. We hope that it can offer the same tense feeling that Dead of Winter offers, but still offering a full play through experience without the need for a traitor.




Had some interesting concepts, but oh my goodness was it a boring slogfest. It just seemed as if we were doing things to make some numbers happen, nothing really pulled us into the theme of the game.


(12/16) 8. Played a couple games with Dean and the crew and have really had a great time. Not nearly the slog/fiddly/overly complex game that I was concerned it might be. (10/17) Drop to 5. Perhaps I need to play this again or perhaps I'm moving a little away from coop's as a whole, but I don't often feel like devoting the time to this one that it requires. Still, would definitely give it another shot.


Play as a survivor from a shipwreck over several scenarios. I really really love this game. It works good from a solo game to a full set of players. The randomness of the cards makes it so 2 games never is the same!