Axis & Allies Pacific 1940

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Played the Global Revised (2nd edition) Rules only. Excellent game, and one that I look forward to playing again now that I understand how new rules, units, and National Objectives work. Quite a bit more rules introduced (and playtime, since it starts at 1940!) in this version.Especially fun are the naval bases and airbases. Very strong advantages and each provides some interesting opportunities for clever play. I also appreciate the nuances provided by the political rules. It will be fun to explore different approaches with the various powers. The downsides of this game are the production quality issues. There is no money included in the game. There are boxes for the powers' units and you basically must dump all these pieces (along with the control markers) into one box. As a result, digging through to find a particular piece is a pain. A third gripe I have is with the board. While it looks beautiful and the spaces are fully functional, the peripheral could easily fit a quick Order of Play reminder, perhaps with starting income. Additionally, it would be nice to have a player aid that listed the powers' national objectives. Most of the rules referencing was just re-referencing these national objectives. And each game only comes with 6 dice?Overall though, it was a great game experience. Rating it based on a 2-player game only, as I think it would suffer with more players, due to the extended downtime and lack of coordination between allied powers.


Great Game for a more matured player of the Axis and Allies systems. There are more details to cover, thus bringing to life more of the nuisances of the real campaign. The A&A System is still a biginners game. There are many more realistic and details gaming systems for the Pacific War.


My comment for this will be the same as my comment for the Europe version: Playing the two games together is an experience you won't forget. However, prepare to set aside a couple of days to do it. The setup time alone takes as much as playing other games. I've only been able to do it twice, but if I could get a group together to do it again, I would.