Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game

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by paka

Brings back memories and does resemble the computer version of it. While I enjoyed both plays, I don't really get that feeling that yes, buy me, play me. Not sure what, but for some reason not really for me. (Note: Through the Ages still somehow brings the old PC game feel back, while it is much more abstracted and without a map).


The tech works, and the powers and victory conditions seem relatively balanced. That is no mean feat. That and the reasonable playtime (~3 hours) amounts to a significant accomplishment. That said, though, the start player advantage on some turns is stupidly advantageous. As in, it is far too likely to determine the game's outcome. It is also the case that the game, for me, suffers from its immediate competitors--namely Antike and Through the Ages. Sure it's got a map (unlike TtA), but q.v. the turn order problems above, and it also introduces all the standard problems of multiplayer conflict games. In addition, the random map setup can hose players in terms of founding their crucial second city. So I'd rather take TtA for engine-building Civ goodness, and Antike for light Civ goodness with map-based conflict. All in all, a near miss, but largely due to my own personal preferences.


2-5 Best with 3/4


This game is good. I just feel like we found other games that were cleaner and better, we rarely played it since we bought it in 2016. Wife doesn’t like piece elim. June 2019 Sold $12 Bought to try to beat Brent. Impulse buy. I needed to figure it out, but it wasn’t something I ever loved. August 2016 $45


Civ games are my favourites and this is a very good implementation. A bit bulky with the rules however.


This is an ingenious board game implementation of the computer classic, but to be honest (and maybe a little heretical) the computer version did it better. It's a long run for a short slide.


Getting an engine going is not always easy. Also doesn't have a ton of the flavor I was expecting. I would not say no to playing, but I would never ask for it to be taken out either.