My Little Scythe

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Picture Dark color schemes and themes got you down? Maybe you're just a little "over" long battle-type games that feel a bit dry. Maybe you've just been looking for the perfect game to play with your kiddos. OR, maybe I'm completely off but you just want me to get to the point and tell you about this game. In any of those cases - great! My Little Scythe is the cure to all those problems at once! With bright colors, fun pieces, a cute theme, and a medium play time, it's a fresh face to bring to the table that plenty of game groups will enjoy. While appearing a little childlike on first glance, to some, My Little Scythe is definitely a game the whole family (or honestly, even just the adults) can appreciate! Let's check it out ...


Maybe the best kid/family game I've ever played. Really nice production too. Stonemaier games is killing it.




More enjoyable than Scythe, but still just didn't really like it.