Rising Sun

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It's beautiful, but kind of overwhelming to learn and underwhelming to play.


A big game with great components. The round action selection and war phase each provide cool moments for strategy and choices. The action off the table is often as exciting as the action on the board. If you like to wheel and deal this is a strategy game for you!


KICKSTARTER - Tom says better than Blood Rage


3-5 players (best 4-5) 90-120 minutes


plays better with at least 4-5 people.


sleeved in mayday premium


The UX is a nightmare. The minis are huge and get in the way of reading the game state. And since there is no iconography of any type to indicate what power each Oni actually has, there is a constant conversation of, "Hey wait, what is that guy's name? Oh. What's his power? If you're lower in honor? Are you... hold on a sec... and then how much force is he worth now?" The gameplay itself is frustrating. It has that not-so-magical ability to make a 2 hour game feel like a 4-hour game. You can be frozen of the game so easily by faction selection and the fact that your position has nothing to offer anyone. Alliances can form before you've even had a chance to figure out what has happened, and you can be isolated out into irrelevance very quickly. This game is not fun.


KS Version! I'm not sure the game is very balanced if new players are in the mix... With an inexperienced group the most experienced player will often win. it will never be a 10 for this reason (too much player balancing is required) but its a solid 9!!!


Dagfinn has this. Cool game




I usually don't like these games, but the fighting method of blind bidding was very enjoyable.