When you weld guns and armor into a race car, you need some real psychos to drive them. But we did it. Why? Because chaos is fun! A race where anything goes and with room for only one on the podium. Break-neck speed and road-rage are not only encouraged, but they are required! The only ways to finish Rush n' Crush are as the winner, or as one of many losers. The first driver across the finish line wins, the rest clearly haven't got what it takes to be on the Rush n' Crush track. Though before its over some may definitely be left on the track. What about you, hot-shot? Are you a Rush n' Crush racer or a loser with a soap box pedal car? This game box contains: - 10 reversible racetrack tiles to combine into many different racetracks - 6 dashboards for 6 over-equipped vehicles - 6 cards for their armed and dangerous drivers - 6 "Vehicle" tokens - 6 "Shift Stick" pawns - 8 dice - 72 counters to keep an eye on your ride's state - 12 "Mine" Tokens, to blow up your opponents - 1 Start and finish line - 1 Arcade rulebook, for the fast and merciless - 1 Overdrive rulebook for confirmed driver looking for some finesse.

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