Pioneer Days

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Solid dice drafter with a theme I really enjoy. After a few games I'm worried that the gold strategy isn't viable compared to cow/favor focused ones and the disaster track is almost too easily mitigated, but that doesn't make it any less fun. Yeehaw. Edit: yeah, it didn't get better. The track really needed to hit harder, and the gold is more of a nice afterthought dressed up like an actual win condition. Decent, but not great.


The pioneer theme comes through nicely as the looming threats and limited actions combine to create a tense yet manageable level of stress. Each of the threats works against one of the various endgame point generators, which causes players to specialize in one particular aspect, greatly narrowing the decision space. The dice drafting is interesting and the threat mechanism provides the last player a meaningful decision, which is uncommon in this genre. Ultimately, Pioneer Days is a bit too light and narrow for my tastes, but is suitable lighter fare.