From the Rules:

"Our city should be more beautiful!" The mayor has decided to engage a big construction plan to bring the somewhat decrepit city back to the forefront. Both new construction and renovation is required. Each construction firm has the chance to get lucrative jobs, and thus to make a big killing - larger than ever seen before. As owner of a construction firm, you must try to win many profitable construction jobs. Always keep an eye on your competitors and their equipment, however. If you think they are also interested in a job, you must offer your services more favorably or lose the job. If you are sure that you alone possess the necessary equipment to do the job, you grab for the brass ring! However, be careful! Don’t miscalculate! The next payday awaits...

Goal of the Game
Each player tries, through skillful bidding, to receive many profitable jobs. The player who possesses the most money after 5 paydays has won.

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