Zombie 15'

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I just don't understand why a game like this exists. The only unique aspect is the timer and that's just not that fun. But hey...tons of zombies!


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I love this game. The time pressure, the zombies, the modular board. But it is too big to take with me...


I did a solo "dry run" just to familiarize myself with the mechanics and also to see how quickly I could set up the game. Well, I didn't play with the soundtrack, I played 3 characters and drew a zombie card at the end of 2 turns. That's how I modded play to compensate for no soundtrack. The result? 10-15 minute setup (my first time ever) and about 30 minutes to play through and I still barely made it. Rahdo says 5 minute setup with a couple of experienced players and I would agree. one person can setup cards while another 1+ player(s) can setup the map. It's fun. I like it. And I don't have to worry about automatically hitting my buddy first, if (s)he happens to be in the same zone as me.


I generally really like games with timed mechanics, but 15 minutes is just too long I think. The game doesn't have as many tense moments as other similar games do so it's hard for me to justify pulling this out over another. The artwork is very nice though and is one of the main reasons it got to the table as much as it did while I owned it.