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Really good game for kids to learn about logical assumptions! A good detective game for kids!


I'm always bored when playing this but it's great for younger kids.


by sky

Smartly-designed deduction game for children.


This combination "Clue" and "Guess Who" game is fun for kids. With an adult to help with the logic, you will probably win most games, so there are variants to move the fox 4 or 5 spaces every failure, instead of 3. The latest printing of the game does not include the confusing green/red options; only green shows when there is a match. UPDATE: 13 plays in I upped the rating by a half star to 8.


Great one to play with my 5 year old.


My daughter LOVES this game. It is the first co-op game she has played and I think that that is why she likes it so much. The deduction is a little to simplistic for adults though, so that brings it down. Always happy to play the game though. Beautiful artwork, and simple ruleset. ------------ Non gamer daughter is still really into this. ------------ Non gamer daughter finds this to simple now. Gamer son loves it.


Games that I can play with my kids get an auto-10! :-)


Currently my favorite game with my 4 year old


Cool cooperative deduction game for kids 4 years old and older. A fox has stolen a pie and players have to find out what characteristics (glasses, umbrella, watch, etc.) the thief had before it escapes the town. Similar to "Guess Who?".


My son loves this game and loves the mechanic of finding out clues! We made the game harder to win by making the fox move 5 spaces instead of 3. It really made for more intense games!


A new and improved Clue! Formulaic, but fun. My daughter loves this game.