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Paperback is one of my wife's and my favorites, so we were excited for this one. The way to describe this game is: Star Realms rethemed. No new ideas, no cool mechanics, just Star Realms with words. How Tim Fowers apporoved Jeff Beck's ripoff is beyond me. Ripoff aside, maybe it's at least fun? Nope. It takes all the things Paperback did well and simplifies them to the point they are meaningless. I played the same three words over and over - and won because I bought a few Romance cards with good bonuses. In Paperback, the words I played mattered and I put effort into maximizing my vocabulary, it felt strategic. This felt dumb. It frustrates me that this laziness in design is even remotely tolerated and it is tarnishing what I once consered an amazing company. I see that Now Boarding has Beck's name on it and I am very worried.


Quickly becoming one of our most played. Theres a fair amount of strategy here in this small box. It's easy to learn and teach. We love this one


Somehow more complex, but more simple than Paperback. hardback is to Star Realms what Paperback is to Dominion, but provides a much tighter and fast-paced spelling experience.


Far more engaging than Paperback, to me. Hardback can allow for nearly as much gaming as spelling, which I like.




Fun word building game. Cool combos can be created with the genres. Ink and wild card rules are on point. I like the various game options like player powers and adverts, and of course co-op/solo is a plus. A little repetitive and the more expensive letters are difficult to obtain.


Rating is tentative and may go up with more plays, but it doesn't seem to quite hit the highs that Paperback did. Also it's longer. I'm torn because I prefer Star Realms/Ascension style chaining in deckbuilders over the Dominion style buys, but the combos in Hardback just aren't as interesting thus far. Having said that I do enjoy the game quite a bit. I'm just not sure it dethrones Paperback.


A bit longer and a bit more brain burny than I would want for a deckbuilder. Amazing design though.


The Star Realms + Scrabble mashup is an utter failure for a word game. It takes away the core skillset required (spelling good words) and replaces it with COMBOS! A weak game that rips off a game that already sucked to begin with.