Roll For The Galaxy

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One of my all time favorites! Dice, space, worker placement!


So far I quite like this - it's a very nice re-envisioning of RftG as a dice game.


Highly recommend Ambition expansion to make it more fun. Without it, it seems very lacking.


Expansions Owned: Ambition


I dunno, man. It's... weird. I'd probably find it less weird if I haven't played Race 100+ times, but it'd still be weird. Perhaps I'll have something more coherent to say after playing some more. [EDIT] Grappling with the dice system is initially daunting, but eventually you get into the rhythm. I am a bit concerned that shipping is necessary for victory, but I am ready to declare that the game is solidly good. It's definitely less open that Race, though--a strong dice-cycling system is a must.


Expansions: - Ambition - Rivalry Satisfying dice rolls with dice cups provided in each player colour and an assortment of coloured mini dice as workers. Doesn't take too long to play, for what it is. Simultaneous turns are always a bonus because they keep the flow moving at a good pace regardless of player count.


0.75 x




I suspect that this will, over time, grow on me in much the same way that Race for the Galaxy did. I like the mechanism where you add more options through specialized dice over the course of the game. Quite clever. There's a real game in here, certainly.


Nice twist on a deck builder by swapping cards for dice. Plays quick but still offers lots of tough decisions. I like the mechanic of selecting which action you want to play after the dice are rolled while opponents do the same and only selected action dice are retained while the rest are sent back to the cup which adds a fun element of 'game theory'.


Better than Race, that's for sure. I (surprisingly) like the dice element, specifically choosing what roles to select. That part of the game is great; the tableau building not so much. Basically, I like the new stuff, still hate the old stuff.


Played this in only one session, but since playing I have not been able to stop thinking about the game. This could become a favourite.


Been playing a bunch on BGA


I love dice, what can I say... The game is easy, fast paced, fun and overall a great game to begin a gaming night


FOR SALE FOR TRADE A nice 'update' to Race for the Galaxy, which we also enjoy. The dice a fun to play with and provide a nicely different gaming experience. Unfortunately, it also makes the game too unwieldy to travel. Fun game.


Elegant, fast and very thinky for it's size. Some prefer Race, some Roll. Try both!


Elegant, fast and very thinky for it's size. Some prefer Race, some Roll. Try both!


I haven't played the original, but this one isn't ad daunting to teach so I probably won't go back to Race.


Fantastic, nearly perfect strategy. Space empire theme is fun, the colorful tiny dice are exciting. Sometimes a tad *too* solitaire-y. One of my favorite games.


The dice crafting works really well with the decision trees and theme.


7.9 / 2-5p Best 3-4 / 45m / 2.76


As satisfying as Race without being so impenetrable. Early draws are slightly more impactful than in Race, but that's not the end of the world. Edit: I love that this version has text but I prefer Race, if only because it's lightning fast.


RFTG is one of my favourite games but difficult to teach and get others to play. Like an onion, the layers of strategy only reveal themselves after many plays. This along with the iconography makes it fall flat for new players. Roll promises more of the same, but with an easier way to teach and text to explain each icon. Race is a really good 2 player game , giving each player 2 actions per turn. Roll doesn't do this so and the player count of 3 or more seems to be the sweet spot. They both have that mechanism of leaching extra actions off other players, if, you can guess what action they would take it. So, I would disagree with comments about it being a solitaire game. Overall, i've not played Roll enough to feel i can fully appreciate & compare to Race but the people that have tried it with me, have all enjoyed it.


Includes broken token.


Fine engine builder, but over too fast. Any good engine builder should end before an engine goes off for too long, but it feel like it is too easy to end the game through building. I am sure that other strategies are viable, but not for new players.


Feels like a really streamlined and approachable version of race. It's really well done, and still has a place next to the original.


Great game, looking forward to playing it more in the future.


2-5, 45m


Fun and easier to teach than Race. Race is the deeper, better game, but I like them both.




Really cool game. Strategy in Race is much deeper and tougher decisions have to be made. Still a fun game though. Edit: My wife really enjoys this game, therefore rating has increased for me. I've started to enjoy it more as well.


This quickly became our 2-player favorite. Replaced Race for the Galaxy for us. (for now at least, I'm sure we'll get back to Race once we have played Roll some more) Consider the Ambition expansion a must-buy.


2016-09-23 - Bought


Have Broken Token (?) insert


I like dice and I like Puerto Rico, ergo I like Roll for the Galaxy. It reconfigures the role selection mechanic from PR in a way that feels familiar, yet distinctly different. Developing worlds and technologies is fulfilling, and the short play time makes it a great candidate for double plays.


I'm gonna be honest, the many custom dice play a big role in this rating. I do really love games that have you roll dice then have you do something with them (see also: Alien Frontiers). There are a lot of games that have you do something, then roll to resolve, which is often really unsatisfying. But using a random element to force you to be flexible is really cool, and there are tons of ways to mitigate that random element. That change alone puts it over Race, though I haven't played enough Race to get super good at it.


(+) Plays fast at all player counts, limits your decisions with dice but gives you ways to manipulate bad rolls, interesting mechanics with phase activations and world/development powers, different starting tiles for variability, nice looking and feeling components, has the "let's play again" effect, easy scoring, easy to get to the table, quick setup and teardown, theme is pretty good for an engine building game (-) Not much player interaction, can be semi-luck dependent based on tile draws and starting tableau, some powers from planets and tech are not immediately clear, theme is there but not very immersive (+/-) The simultaneous actions really give the game a good pace but limits the player interactions. Also, the theme is there, but you have to look for it rather than feeling it through the gameplay. This game is great if you play with people who don't like others affecting their plans, but others may want more control over the outcome.


Picked up on a whim and my SO loves this game! Simple iconography and a whole lotta dice. She tends to love the dice versions of most games (see Pandemic: The Cure) and this one is no exception. This is our competitive version of PtC.


(1/17) 6. Played once with 3 other experienced players and got trounced. Might improve rating on repeated playings and first game certainly didn't sour me from wanting to try it again. (10/17) Drop to 5. I had another play that didn't really grab me and actually traded it away...but then I found another pimped out copy for a really great deal so I'm willing to give it another go. Too many people love this game, I've gotta be wrong.