Cluck 'n' Chuck


The game components are a chicken coop (which has a timer mechanism), 36 multi-coloured chickens and a die.

Chickens are tossed into the game box or a bowl and mixed up then each player takes 9 of varying colours. Each player lines up three of the nine in front of themselves. (It's best if possible to use 3 different colours.)

Play begins by one player pressing the coop down, which starts the timer. The aim is then for that player to as quickly as possible throw the die and if it matches the colour of a chicken in his row, throw that chicken quickly into the coop. Grab another chicken for the row of three and roll again until the die doesn't match any chicken in your row. You then pass the die to the first player on your left who does have a matching chicken and their turn begins.

When the coop jumps up and chickens go flying the player with the die must gather them and collect three. The rest go out of play. Play continues until one player gets rid of all their chickens.


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