Navia Dratp Collectible Miniatures Game Starter Set 2

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Like chess, but more fun. The movement and upgrade rules are very well done, and the game allows for a multitude of play styles given the multiple win conditions. It's really enjoyable, and the components are outstanding.


Played this and had a great time doing so. There's a good amount of strategy here with just the two starter sets. The boosters add a little flavor, but are not needed in my opinion.


I grew up playing Chess. I like the tactical and strategic aspects of Chess. I don't like the sporty known openings and responses, and the general "known" nature of the game. At the higher levels it seems that the game is scripted until a certain point, simply because both you and your opponent know the "best way to respond" to a scenario that has been played out thousands of times before. Navia Dratp is like Chess, but better in almost every way. The teams are asymmetrical. There are two different types of pawns. Your main pieces are each unique, and drawn from a pool of 44 possible pieces. Your main pieces are also very high quality sculpted, thematic miniatures, each possessing the ability to invoke a special power, add a unique rule, or change it's movement to a superior state. With 3 distinct ways to win the game (including the "king capture" we all know from Chess), there's more flexibility near the end-game. Because you have to spend a turn to summon in each main battle piece (none of them start on the board), and each piece gives your opponent a distinct and tangible advantage when it's captured, oftentimes only 4 of your 7 main battle pieces will come into play in any given game. Imagine how Chess would change if you had 2 more knights instead of bishops - this kind of variability is inherent in Navia Dratp. Even with just the 14 pieces in the starter sets, each game is unique. Navia Dratp is more than just "Chess with special powers" - it's a best of breed game.