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OK, I know a lot of folks hate this game, and my regular group agrees with them for the most part. I've tried it twice, and I like it better than most, but it is still not a game I'd play with so many other great options available.SOLD, September 2015


I think this is very much like Taj Mahal, only fun. I believe that its balance of skill (hand management, planning, tradeoffs, when to risk) and luck (card draws) is pretty darn excellent--with perhaps the exception of seating order. Being able to break ties is huge, and sitting to the left of the dude who failed his risk in the first round seems just too big a windfall. Other than that, though, I think Beowulf is a real winner--and I confess I don't understand what the nay-sayers are going on about.


I bought this several years ago. Played once and just didn't get it back to the table for a long time. Finally played it twice (two player) in the last week or so and wow, it's so much fun. It helped that we like the theme, but it's just a nice and easy game to play (once you translate the rules) and the risks are fun. With that said, the risk can take over the game or this would be a higher rating.


When an eight and eleven year-old want to READ Beowulf after playing this game, that's a win. For me, that makes for an incredible gaming experience... and an incredible game. Thanks Dr. Knizia!


Nice tight theme makes this game entertaining. The push your luck element is interesting as you have to live with the consequences for the rest of the game. A lack of control will bother many, but I like it.


Fantastic auction game that manages to put just about every foot right in creating a fun, immersive, even, gasp, thematic gaming experience.  Naysayers complaining about the luck-fest of the "risks" are massively overplaying the problem (and overlooking one of the most fun elements of the game).  Definitely one of the best combinations of auctions and hand management out there.


A good game of Knizia


{1play,4player} The board was an awkward shape--at least one that I wasn't used to--but that didn't detract from the game. Very lavish graphics courtesy of Fantasy Flight.