Tides of Time

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Fun two-player, giving to bar night boys.


Fun mathy filler. You need 2 players of similar skill level to enjoy this.


A lot of game in a small package, love this 2 player thinker!


Fast becoming one of my favorite two player filler games. Not too deep but plenty of strategy here. A card drafting set completion game where you have to keep your strategy fluid. You also really have to keep an eye on what your opponent is doing. Often, it is better to thwart her plans than complete yours. When to do which is the question. Killed by Tides of Madness.




Intriguing little game. Really like it, will have to play it more often to come up with a better understanding of how to play well. It is like Sushi Go, but smaller...not necessarily faster though.


Neat little two player game with some agonizing choices. I can't believe there will be much replayability.


2-player only


Finally got this to the table. Good, quick game with some depth to it. Not a huge fan of the oversized cards. While they may be easier to read / see the artwork, it makes it much less portable. Absent that, I could see us doing this a lot as a travel game.


Pretty fun game. It could get stale though.


Two player drafting that actually works, and survives replays better than you would think. It succeeds at its microgame distillation. That's a rare feat.


quick game but can be quite mean


The perfect travel game, but not something I would break out otherwise.


It's got one mechanic, and it aces it. The way the suits and scoring/abilities interact on each card makes for incredibly interesting decisions for a game this small. At round end, choosing which cards to discard, keep, or turn to relics is surprisingly deep and impactful to the rest of the game. A little bit of memory can go a long way in this game, and is my only critique. I'm not sure how many plays it can muster, but totally worth the price tag.


Neat little 2 player drafting game that we picked up on a whim. I think this will be one of the many filler games that we end up falling in love with.


Uh, inteligente en su sencillez. Hermoso y simple. Disfruté muchísimo jugarlo y creo que es una gran compra.


Im amazed what just 18 cards can do in a game. This game has me hooked from the first rounds of it.