Ave Caesar


Ave Caesar
Panem et circenses! Was the cry uttered by crowds visiting the Circus Maximus in 500 BC. In the yearly holidays, of which there were over 200, the roman population gathered in this prestigious arena to watch the incredible chariot races. With the reedition of this classic game, players can now recapture the spirit of the races by taking part in a three lap race. Drawing from their cards, players try to out-race one another and finish first, vying for the adulation of the masses and recognition from the Emperor himself. Each player has three cards in hand, which allow him to move a certain distance on the board, but knowing that these cards will barely be able to see him through the race, and that he WILL have to slow down in order to pay hommage to the Emperor, the compition to finish will be hard.. After a few races, the player with the most laurels wins the tournament, the adoration of the masses and will be remembered as a colosseum legend.


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