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Doesn't really work at 2 players, but can be a lot of fun with higher player counts.


Very fun short little game! You get two secret characters but can pretend to be any character, but beware, if you bluff and are called out on it then you loose a card. Last person with cards wins! Very fun micro-game and a great filler as well.


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I don't know why people like this game so much. It's OK. But all that it really has going for it is that it is a game and it's short.


Itch: simple bluffing


Essentially "Love Letter 2.0" and with a better theme. Now there is more to lie about, more to deduce, and more actions to take. 1/03/16: Upgraded to 8, possibly room to move up even more. This game is excellent -- tons of fun.


Great quick game, easy to teach. Great entry game for many people since the main mechanic is lying.




The base game just seems lackluster when you've played with the Reformation expansion.


I still really enjoy this. Watching a metagame develop over multiple rounds is fascinating. Slotting in the Inquisitor from Reformation makes the game all the more interesting. Addendum: Hoax is better.


7 after first play. Easy to teach and plays quickly. Bit of bluffing involved. Not sure how people compare this to resistance.



Short. Like 5 minute games or even less. But you play game after game for hours straight. Addictive bluffing game with very basic rules and nice depth.


A fine bluffing game, I suppose, but way too swing-y and too easy to get eliminated. Play with 2 players remaining is a bit trivial and deterministic. It took me about 3 games with as many different groups to get the flow of the game and not get eliminated turn 1. Still feels too easy to get eliminated playing a statistically sound challenge.


Still one of my favorite bluffing games.


Innovative game, ultimately falls into the same boring routine every game. Too many dead-end situations too where you literally have no choice in what to do.


It's a bluffing game with a stupid theme. Trade Condition Notes: Excellent condition


Played this a few times, mainly 6 player, it is okay. Best thing about it, is that it is quick. I don't like the player elimination part of it or the fact that when it gets down to the last few players it is obvious who will win.


W/ Promo: Jester, Bureaucrat, and Speculator Almost traded away because I hadn't played it until a friend showed me how fun this was. Easy, quick and flexible depending on the roles mixed in, you just have to be able to bluff!


A 'just one more game' kind of game. A lot of fun and well designed. Don't like the theme or artwork though


Lie, cheat, and steal to eliminate your opponents and be the last man standing. You can take any action, but if you don't have the proper card in front of you and someone calls your bluff, half of your power evaporates... Nice quick bluffing game with various strategies and approaches to keeping your head above water. Coup G54 has completely replaced this for me. I would only play this if someone else put it on the table.


Great filler game and fun with new people.


$8.99 01-Aug-15


One of the greatest micro games available. It plays incredibly fast, and always has players begging for another go. Some cards are obviously better than others, but that plays to Coup's strengths, as players can bluff their way out of a bad hand. The short nature of the game opens the door for players to seek revenge from previous games, without it feeling mean. A great game to throw in your pocket before leaving for a party.


Excellent bluffing game without too many frills.


Great deduction/bluffing game that is easy to pull out and play. This is always a hit when we get it to the table. UPDATE: Gave this copy to a good friend that I just introduced to the hobby in anticipation for Rebellion G54. We had a lot of good plays and are glad to see it go to a good home.


Ultra Pro Sleeved.


A fun bluffing game, but if you play with people who don't want to bluff it breaks, but that's not a fault of the game's in my eyes. Simple to teach which means you can get new players in and playing fast.


(11/15) 7. (10/17) 7. Haven't played this one in so long. Need to get it back out and see if it holds up.


A light game with some fun deception mechanics. A great, fast filler. 8 people can play a game in under 20 mins.


We played it a few times and I keep thinking its a great game but I recently realized that I never choose it.