All the Fun of VivaJava...Cubed!

VivaJava: The Coffee Game - The Dice Game is all about finding that perfect blend of beans to create the next best-seller in the coffee houses and kitchens of the world. With an astounding mix of plug-and-play research abilities, subtle social play in semi-cooperative mode, and the chance to hog all the glory and blend the best for yourself, this caffeinated concoction is all about choice, making each game decidedly and delightfully different.

Featured Blend, Rainbow Blend, and Flavor Coasters
Intern Coaster
House, Lite, and Customziable Wild Research Coasters
Solo Coaster
2 Corporation Coasters
24 Research Ability Discs
12 Wooden Player Tokens
Travel Bag
50 Score Sheets
5 Flavor Dice
10 Coffee Dice

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VivaJava: The Coffee Game - The Dice Game

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