VivaJava: The Coffee Game - The Dice Game

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Kickstarter Project - Backed: 06/24/2013 - Funded: 07/21/2013 - Pledge Level: Pledge $44 or more: "COFFEE DELUXE" +$8 angry dice - Payment: $52 - Survey: 04/09/2014 - Projected Delivery: 05/2014 - Shipped: Status: DELIVERED


T.C. somehow managed to make a euro out of yahtzee mechanisms. I'm convinced this man is a time traveler stealing future designs because no one else does the kind of work he does. Rated a 7 because the BGG scale doesn't care about how much you like it and this game isn't for everyone, but it's definitely for me. Made some laminated sheets. That helped too.


Accounted For


Yahtzee with super powers. Players are faced with a light, but none-the-less satisfying choice throughout the game; snatch up a blend to rack up points or invest in the research tracks to make blend-snatching easier down the road. The hoard of possible research abilities provides more than enough variability for a dice game of this weight and will help it secure a long shelf life.


Sold at Gamex '17. (2/17) 6. (10/17) Drop to 5. A fun dice rolling game with interesting and variable powers, but sort of felt a little bland in the end.