Katalyka is a board game for 1-4 players that focuses on what it feels like to live as a member of the Stellar Consciousness of a Galaxy. It all starts with one Star for each player, and the goal is to invest your Stellar resources in the smartest strategic ways to build planets, then cultures that help grow your consciousness across the Galaxy! This is not a "typical space opera shoot-em-up" type game. Katalyka's system uses 'by the turn' customisable visual reference chart for deployment of Stellar resources into a full range of different gameplay styles. To truly master the Galaxy, you have to do more than just build space ships and lasers, in fact... right now those are relatively unimportant advancements in this game.

The gameplay is similar to a cross between Risk and Magic The Gathering.

Play should only take a few minutes to learn how to play, but the complexity of the strategic possibility increases nearly exponentially as the gameplay deepens. There are 13 different types of interactions possible when interacting with an opponent, each of these pathways offers a different style of gameplay, and each one has been mastered by a different culture of the Galaxy. Each group has different weaknesses and strengths, and can be seen as a hero, or a villain... depending on your game strategy.

Learn trade and master transportation in The Circle of Life, master data archiving and planetary engineering in The Order of the Singularity, and befriend multidimensional predators or hire anarchist hackers in The Forgotten... as you try to build a culture rich enough to become a member of The Elite, mysterious beings with capabilities and resources spanning every level of life.

This is a game unlike most others. I agree with those who said that a good strategy game takes minutes to learn and a lifetime to master. There are elements of this system that I have been working on developing for over two decades.
I think that the loss of magic and mystery we experience with some of our scientific observations may be restored, and a more healthy balance of life can be found through respecting the Macro Organic life and finding new ways to interact with them... also learning to respect the old ways in a new light.

This manual is divided into two sections, the quick start section (for those who want to just dive right in and start playing), and the Galactic Primer (for those of you who enjoy learning about the deeper backstory of the Universe of Katalyka).


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