La Cosa Nostra


The underworld of New York City is ruled by the Mafia. her greed is without limits: Drugs, prositution, fraud, and corruption - the Cosa Nostra has a finger in the pie everywhere. But behind the scenes the crime familes are involved in a merciless power struggle. If it is for the hunt of real big money, no one of the big bosses will stay behind.

La Cosa Nostra is a tough, thrilling, interactive game about power and cash. Providing a deep theme experience it leads you down into the dark world of modern mafia stories. You are the boss - build up your gangster empire and enter the dark world of mafia bosses, pacts, pledges - and backstabbing.

198 Cards
25 Deal Markers
140 Bills
2 Game Mats
4 Dice
4 Rulebooks (English, German, French, & Dutch)

MSRP: $39.95Lowest: $26.99

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