Zocrab surveys his assembled orc hordes and allows a toothy grin to play across his scarred face. His cavalry struggles with the reins, trying to restrain the hungry, restless wolves. The shock troops stand in rank, growling, chanting black prayers to the Dark Lord, and chewing their shields. The shamans have studied the bones and the omens are good: The warlord's forces will taste blood this day! He will beat his rivals into submission and lead the orcish hordes to victory over the despised Enemy. The Dark Lord's gift will be his! The dark lord Llovar has commanded all the orcs of the Broken Plain to march against the alliance of elves, dwarves, and men. As the chief of an orc tribe, you must marshal your forces of wolfriders, archers, grunts, champions, and shamans and lead them to war on the four battlefields of Mennara.

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