Sheriff of Nottingham

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One word opinion? "FUN!" Wow, this game is loved by me and my family (and everyone we've played with). The bluffing, the Sheriff rotation between players, the "SNAP!" of the bags, and even the art of the boards and cards all add up to "FUN" for us. One of our kids can't bring herself to lie about what's in her bags, but she's one of the toughest Sheriffs you'll encounter! Such fun! We just laugh and holler and have a great time with this game. What more could you ask for!? (Oh yes, we sleeved the cards)


My group did not really pick it up. The game felt forced and not fun


A wonderful game of bluffing and extortion. But something stops me from picking it up off the shelf when looking for one to play.


I'm not a fan of bluffing games but this is probably the best one that I've played. Although it is possible to win by just doing set collection, that is missing most of the point of this game and isn't particularly fun. The big problem that I have with the game is that I don't feel particularly good when I deceive someone nor when I get deceived. I know it is just a game and all in fun but there you go. Personal hangups aside, it is kind of fun especially when people are roleplaying a bit. I don't mind playing it once in awhile but there are many, many games that I would rather play instead. This will stay in my collection for the time being though as my son and some of his friends love it.


Bluffing games need to be balanced on the knife-edge, preventing someone from profiting too much by being honest 100% of the time. My perception is that this game rewards consistent honesty too much. I'll stick with Hoax and Cockroach Poker.




Expansions: - Merry Men Comical bluffing game with very simple rules and a great ability to bribe and make deals with the other players. Recommended if you have a group that enjoys bluffing games as it only gets more enjoyable if you're willing to act a bit. I feel like the base game rewards people telling the truth too much. I've heard this is fixed in the expansion, but I haven't played the expansion yet.


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[Medium, Bluffing]


A fun little party game. I'm not big on bluffing games, but I found this fairly enjoyable. You definitely need the right group to make it work.


Our friends own it; their kid loves to play it. I got a little tired after like our 10th play-through, but really can't complain. Simple bluffing mechanic makes the interactions fun.


by sky

One play (4).


Good family game, everyone can stay involved in the game unlike Coup.


Needs to be played with the right people but is a fun bluffing game.


Takes the basic game a Bullshit and gives it a very interesting spin. We found this game took on a more comedy tone when we all started talking with a cockney accent. Had traditional non gamers laughing along.


Great looking game of bluffing and set collection. Fast, fun and light. Each round, a player plays as the Sheriff while the rest try to smuggle ilegal goods among their legal goods. Bribing and deals are encouraged.


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For my collection it sits in an awkward spot, rarely justifying the setup and take-down times when other games sit on the shelf. A fun theme and good for those willing to play with it.


Has fallen a bit out of favor for us as of late. Also runs a tad long. Companion app helps with the scoring a lot.



includes prince johns promo.


Decent enough game, but the bluffing did not really resonate with me


A good bluffing and BSing game.


Love Sheriff of Nottingham. Looking forward to playing it more. Great Party Game +.


I do enjoy this game, and i want to try the expansion


For lying liars that lie. Decent, but not my favorite. For fans of light gaming. Good for social game fans. Good for youth.


Easy to understand, great quality components. Definitely great for all members of the family


Delivers on what it sets out to do, but I rarely ever [i]want[/i] to play it. If I'm going to play a bluffing game with non-gamers, it's probably going to be Coup. Mostly because it's short.


Always enjoyable, and SURPRISE! No penalty for honesty :)


A new classic. Too much fun to care about winning.


Socially: Bad with strangers, not very good if most people haven't played before. Strategically: Unbalanced Truth/Closed: Keep Goods(+1) Truth/Opened: Keep Goods(+1), Get paid(+1) Lie/Closed: Keep Goods(+1), Keep Contraband(+1) Lie/Opened: Keep Goods(+1), Lose Contraband, Pay Fine(-1) Telling the truth: +3 Lying: +2 So playing to win is anti-thematic and anti-fun.


Preliminary rating.


Lying is too undervalued. It turns a great game into a good one.


Great closed economy trading/bluffing game that is always a hit. Really fun theme and easy gameplay makes this a great gateway. Can't wait to see the expansions that come out for this!!


Mayday Sleeved.


(10/16) 6. (10/17) Drop to 5. A fine bluffing game. Very group dependent. Maybe too group dependent. Neither of my plays of this landed the way I'd expected.


In Germany


Im not really a fan of bluffing games but this actually is really fun!