Blooms is a 2p territory game that feels a bit like the classical game Go, except more colorful, shorter, and easier to learn. It was inspired by a work of computer-generated algorithmic art by the artist Ralph Turner.


  • Bloom: a bloom is an entire group of connected stones on the board of the same color. A single stone (unconnected to others of the same color) is also a bloom.
  • Fenced: a bloom is fenced when there are no empty spaces adjacent to any of the bloom’s stones.


  1. Each player owns 2 colors of stones. To start, Player 1 places 1 stone of either of her colors on any empty space.
  2. From then on, starting with Player 2, the players take turns. On your turn, you must place 1 or 2 stones onto any empty spaces. If you place 2, they must be different colors. Then capture all fenced enemy blooms.
  3. The first player to have captured X stones wins.

Note: if the game reaches a state where only blooms with 3 eyes (in the Go sense) remain, each player owns at least one bloom, and there are no empty spaces remaining but their eyes, the lead will no longer change, because the players will trade 1 point per turn by sacrificing single stones into enemy eyes until a player reaches the win condition. Therefore, the leader at that point wins.


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