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Played just once, need to replay for a good verdict, but first game was quite entertaining.


by Rudi

Easy to introduce to new players, even non-gamers.


by paka

Traitor-game. Missing a lot of plays which are done at some party usualy


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Found it to be very biased, based on the cards you are given. Better in large groups (if managable). Gave away to Su


The more we play the more we enjoy it as we get better at strategies. A perfect hidden role game if you want a little more game than Coup offers.


Expansions: - Saboteur 2 Tried playing with 2 players (which is my fault as the game isn't designed for that). There doesn't appear to be much ability to bluff with lower player counts as it's immediately obvious who is trying to prevent you from getting to the gold. The broken pickaxe is really annoying to get out of. Apparently this is fixed in Saboteur 2, which I've yet to play.


Not a bad filler. I hadn't really appreciated it the first few times around, but now I get it. There is a side of me that feels it should go more than three rounds... perhaps four, but no more than five at the most.


Filler, with everyone knowing how to play things should go fairly quickly, although trying to figure out who is traitorous will slow things down partway through most rounds.


Kinda fun, but needs more saboteurs. And that's the best part of the game, yelling "Saboteur!" at people when they do something.


Neat little card game with a traitor element.


This game is a lot of fun in a small package. The fact that it is so scalable and comes in such a small, affordable package makes this really stand out. Elegant.


Daughter and wife like it!


Saboteur is a simple hidden role game. Unlike other games like Battlestar Galactica or Dead of Winter, there is pretty much no game in Saboteur other than the hidden role mechanic and like many games of its ilk, the first rounds are full of blind attacks that may be fun and create tension, but are void of any strategic motivation. I own the game and I bring it out in certain situations, but I would really rather play almost any other of my games.


1 Play. Simple, light card game. Played with 10 and there are not enough turns. A little too much downtime for a filler game. Easy to teach.


Enjoy this fun game and can use it with a large group.


A great little game. It plays okay with 4 players, but really shines at 5 or more when you get 2 saboteurs. It is nearly impossible for a single Saboteur to win and even two have a hard time. I am looking forward to playing with more people to see how the dynamic changes and to trying the expansion to see if it improves the game by balancing out the obviousness of the saboteur.


really fun, played with the right people becomes hilarious ........


Have both Saboteur and Saboteur 2.


A hidden roles game where teams don't know each other, direct player interaction is limited, and error margins are small for both teams (too much luck in it). Also, victory points are disturbed randomly and somewhat arbitrarily.


I've had great games and I've had terrible games. It all depends on who is playing, but the long and short of it is: its well designed, quick to learn, and usually fun.




Plays lots of people. Fun theme and a nice hidden role mechanic.


Oh yeah. The dwarven miner game. Not bad. I won't buy this but I wouldn't say no to a game.


(7/16) 8. (9/17) 8. A hidden, or at least not often talked about, gem. Great hidden role game in a pack of cards were the accusations can definitely fly!