Thunderbirds Co-operative Board Game

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Disclosure: I never watched the show as a child, or at all for that matter. This it is a top notch production. The miniatures are very nice, although a little fiddly when removing and placing characters in different vehicles, but a minor quibble at best. The board was very easy to use and clear. The mechanics of the game worked very well and were simple (in a good way). It felt like the game was quite balanced (only 1 play in) and we lost... barely. So it felt similar to co-ops like Pandemic (also by the same designer as T-birds) where it comes right down to the wire. An overall enjoyable game. I definitely like the fact that designers are making quirky games like this. It brings me hope that one day I will see some oddball theme(s) that make me smile, and feel like a kid again! Having said all that, this game is for those seeking the nostalgia of the T-birds IP. So the theme's "immersive" factor was lost on me. I will play this with my friends who love and appreciate it, but honestly, there are many other co-ops I would much rather bring to the table first. For me and for others who are not familiar with the Thunderbirds IP, I would suggest a different co-op that speaks to you thematically. Pandemic, Flash Point: Fire Rescue, Police Precinct, even The Grizzled etc are (in my opinion) all easier themes to get into. You don't have to be a MD or a scientist to get, or enjoy Pandemic. You don't have to be a Firefighter to enjoy the theme of rescuing people and pets in Flash Point etc. Pretty much anyone can step right into these games and feel involved and interested right from the start. But to really enjoy Thunderbirds as it is meant to be experienced you really need(ed) to be a fan. I feel similarly with Battlestar Galactica. However, with that game I actually watched those old TV shows. I never did get into the modern reboot though. So I was glad when I found out about Dark Moon!! Again a much easier (some might say "generic") theme for most people to get into. But for me, Dark Moon is a much better alternative in every way. In conclusion: Thunderbirds is a great game all the way around. Nothing I am eager to play again. But HIGHLY recommended for those who love co-ops and the Thunderbirds!


Not really that great.