The biggest fish wins in this fish-eat-fish party card game for two to five players ages 10 and up. Lake Sturgeon is a cruel and unforgiving place. Minnows scurry about in schools, trying to avoid being eaten by bass, bass hide from the mighty sturgeon in the dense weeds, and sturgeon fishermen patiently angle for their elusive trophy. If your fish survive long enough to produce two sturgeons, you rule the lake. OBJECT The first to have two Sturgeons wins. Players take turns stocking their sides of the lake, playing larger fish by eating smaller fish. Special cards allow players to eat fish from neighboring players, protect their own fish, or change the direction of flow around the lake. The first player with two Sturgeons on their side of the lake wins. CONTENTS Sturgeon contains 60 cards: * 16 Minnow cards * 11 Bass cards * 10 Sturgeon cards * 12 Swim cards * 3 Chase cards * 4 Weeds cards * 2 School cards * 2 Sturgeon Fisherman cards

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