One Deck Dungeon

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Weight: 1.99 / 5


My enjoyment of this game went down quickly after just a few plays. It is a little repetitive and too brain burning for my taste. There are so many little calculations with dice values (which aren't particularly engaging) that I feel exhausted every time after a boss fight is over. The longer the game lasts the worse the feeling is. Very hard to win as well. I was only enjoying the campaign mode slightly in hopes of upgrading my character enough to be able to defeat the first boss.


Cards Sleeved, only played a few times.


Pound-for-pound, probably the best solitaire game I've tried. Tough tradeoffs in a tight package.




This is a really neat little package that offered a fun challenge whether solo or with a partner. There's obviously a lot of luck involved (with so many die how can there not be) but the upgrades and tactics acquired through each run help to mitigate luck and allow for some strategy in overcoming obstacles no matter what rolls your way. I personally find this game to be very enjoyable and replayable, though I could easily see someone who plays this continuously to burn out over time with the lack of additional content. Mixing together the two sets (Forest of Shadows) certainly helps to elevate the game and add additional randomness to the mix. For some fairly light but decently challenging dungeon crawling fair this is a nice little package that I do recommend.


Very few real decisions. Fun solo. Too long for what it does.




Ver. 1.6. This is a damn good adaptation of roguelikes. Clearing traps and fights via dice puzzles is really interesting and balances the luck/skill well. Hoping to get a couple more plays before rating, but this is the best solo I've played in a while. Edit: ended up running out of game as most solos do. Takes a bit longer than most to see the seams, but the seams are definitely there and they're rough.


Not enough dice mitigation.



Play this almost exclusively on steam. Break it out from time to time to solo.


1-2 players 30-45 minutes


Rogue-like in card game form. Challenging, random, and rewarding.


One Deck Dungeon is a solid solo game, especially in the Campaign Mode. While the game offers several mitigation tools it does not dole out enough. The early rounds are very luck dependent, but once players acquire a few early skills the balance quickly moves back to center. The late rounds of the game are far and away the most interesting as players can string several abilities together to take on the difficult encounters and the various dungeon bosses. The game needs some baked-in mitigation tools to speed up and widen the early game, but for the most part it is a good time.


Very simple and repetitive game, with outcomes determined mostly entirely by luck. Probably good for playing with young kids, but gets boring really quickly for me.




Could never really get into it. Rules were difficult to understand