Hit Z Road

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LOVE the theme. Great little dice roller. Played with 2 players and the game was great and quick.


by paka

Wallaces best game from this year it seems. Push you luck ...


It's not subtly beautiful or whatever crap people say to make themselves feel better about owning and/or liking it. What it is is lovingly crafted junk food. Better than Zombies!!! but worse than any actual game. Moving up to a 7 after a year or so of playing. The game is still not blowing me away but I always enjoy playing and every time I get it out I'm blown away by the care that went into making it.


Fast, fun, and brutal. The graphic design is amazing.


The idea that a kid made this game with things he's collected while traveling the country after a zombie apocalypse makes this game and it's components quite charming. At it's core it's just a bidding and resource management game but the theme brings it together making it a fun almost filler-like game. The game does a great job and making you feel like resources are very scarce and it brings a good amount of tension as you decide to give up those precious resources or let one of your people in your group die.


1-4 players (best 4) 40-60 minutes