Arcola: The Battle for Italy, 1796


By November of 1796, Napoleon Bonaparte was eight months into a brilliant campaign in northern Italy which was removing any Austrian threats to the French Republic's southern flank. The fighting that month, north of the besieged city of Mantua, proved to be one of the first great challenges in the young General Bonaparte's career. Two Austrian forces under Marshal Alvinczy and Lt. General Davidovitch threatened to converge on the French from the north and east, join together at Verona, and march southwards to raise the siege. Bonaparte's task was to make use of his interior lines around Verona to unite his scattered and out-numbered troops, and defeat the separate wings of the Austrian "pincers" in detail.

BATTLE for ITALY is Avalon Hill's new strategy game for two players which recreates the critlcal period of November. 1796. During a typical game turn, both players attempt to move their brigades by normal and forced marches. Combat occurs when opposing forces move adjacent to each other. and is resolved by a die roll on the Combat Results Table. Important leaders on both sides are represented in play, and their Individual attributes are critical to each players success. Game victory depends on how well the Austrians do in defeating the French and exiting units off of the map to break the siege.

BATTLE for ITALY contains a colorful map of northern Italy around Verona, 100 playing pieces, and a short rules booklet.

Playing Time: 1 1/2 hours

Complexity Rating: 4

(from 1-10, 10 the highest)

source: back of the box


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