Axis & Allies

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Played many games of this with my older brother back in the day. Not bad, but the revised edition is much better. Still a lot of downtime by Euro-game standards.


Good if you're in the mood for a slowish game.


Milton Bradley edition. Missing some dice and instructions.


Rating would be higher if this game didn't take so long to play.


Intellectually I know there are better games out there. But there is some nostalgia embedded into this game, and playing a game with the plastic is fun. Finally disposed of this, with some minor regrets.


Dicefest. Game length is far too long for such a basic game.


remember thinking this was cool...of course I don't remember ever finishing a game to completion either.


When you have the time to commit to this, it can be great fun. Really enjoyed the last game played, probably because we won, but hey, who doesn't like winning. There's a lot of strategy within the rules of the game rather than the era it was set in, so, just because you know your WWII history doesn't mean your going to be able to steam roll others. Experienced players therefore have a distinct advantage and will tend to play game type moves. I mean who sends two infantry to attack a place with tanks and aircraft if only to use the bombardment from the ships feature. Clearly a suicide mission for the infantry which would in a military sense achieved little in reality. As a mechanism for collaborating with your allies and formulating bluff moves & counter strategies its a very thematic and enjoyable way to spend a day. You certainly have plenty to talk about afterwards, even if its to curse your luck at loosing to some crappy dice rolling. :star::star::halfstar::nostar::nostar: Easy to learn :star::star::star::nostar::nostar: Fun factor :star::star::halfstar::nostar::nostar: Replay-ability (may have to review ratings as been a while since played) Why this game stays in my collection? Highly thematic and whilst i'm not a wargamer, its straight forward enough to learn. Enjoy with more players the better as it becomes a team vs team game.


by klz

The first real game I bought for myself, and a great step up from Risk, it's gathered dust for a while as the newer games have become played a lot more.


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